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What the Brides are saying...

"If you were to pick one person to be the person who is going to be with youone-on-one during the last few hours before you take the plunge, your firstthought might not be a total stranger whose credentials include industrialstrength de-frizzer and a steady hand on the curling iron. Yet that isexactly what you need, Miss Bridey Pants.What's more, you need that person to be calm and down to earth and fun andfunny and understand that you do not want to look like a marionette nor acaricature of yourself, just the prettiest possible version of yourself youcan imagine. All this while you are freaking out about 20 other things.She has a very impressive resume but she is reluctant to drop names likeGwyneth Paltrow or Cindy Crawford because she is not that kind ofperson. And that is just the kind of person with whom I want to spend thelast few hours before I take the plunge”.Thank you Katherine!All my best,Ginger Robinson(Scroll down for more testimonials)

“Katherine is a wonderful, hard-working, professional stylist, but what I appreciated most was her ability to listen. She took my ideas about hair and makeup and translated them into reality--accenting my best features. I was so pleased to end up looking like myself rather than someone unrecognizable. And it was fun to feel that she too was caught up in the excitement of getting me and my bridal party ready for my big day! She was obviously invested in making us look as beautiful as possible.”Best,Tara

“I just wanted to say thank you. You were such a huge part of my pre-wedding preparations! You helped transform this city girl into a 1930's glamour girl :) Your humor kept me at ease and had me laughing the whole morning of the wedding. You were so kind to my girls too. At first I was a little intimidated by your success, but I quickly felt so lucky to have such a talented makeup artist on my team!” Aly